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To respond to an increasing demand for transparent testing in the US, we are raising capital for the development of our proprietary tracking app, our AI-powered tools, and specialized manpower for our state-of-the-art laboratory, launching in Las Vegas, Nevada soon.


We started developing a breakthrough results tracking platform that utilizes barcode technology for transparent and reliable monitoring. More features are planned to be added during development.

High value partnerships

So far we have two of the most trusted analytical equipment providers, Perkin Elmer and PathogenDX on board as vendors.

Merj Architecture, specialized in the cannabis industry, will join us in building the lab prototype.

Market opportunity

We have strategically set our focus on Nevada, where hundreds of millions worth of cannabis and CBD are sold each year. Being the only lab in Las Vegas dedicated strictly to service CBD/Hemp market will allow us to focus on a high-growth market segment in the state.


Our tools and technology will enable our Desert Cannalytix model to scale beyond state borders and eventually tap into the billion-dollar industry across the country.

Why start in Nevada?

Nevada needs a champion. Based on state data released in 2020, 61% of the state-wide available licenses for retail dispensaries had been allocated, bringing the total number of retail dispensaries to 70.

However, the number of testing facilities has decreased significantly over the same period due cases of results manipulation, “lab-shopping” and other fraudulent activities. 

Right now, Nevada is in urgent need of a leader in the space that can establish best practices and develop systems to be adopted state-wide as the industry standard.

Desert Cannalytix has what it takes to be that champion.

Meet the Founders

Desert Cannalytix: CBD/Hemp testing done right

The people behind Desert Cannalytix


Marianthi Thomatos

Marianthi is a medical laboratory technologist with 9 years of experience in a clinical chemistry laboratory, in which she pioneered the curation of metagenomics data in a biostatistics lab. She has been an active member of American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) since 2010.

Karen Edwards

Karen is one of Malorie’s most prized mentors. For over 20 years, she has been an inspector for laboratories spanning across the United States for the College of American Pathology. As lab manager, she has served as the safety and chemical hygiene officer and in addition, has sat on various hospital administrative committees.

Brad Bagasani

Brad graduated from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas with a degree in Business Administration specializing in Management Information Systems.

His career as a Network Engineer and Administrator spans 15 years within Las Vegas’s most successful corporations in the hospitality industry. His IT knowledge will be critical in the scrutiny of business start-up practices and operations.

Alando Hall

A doctorate candidate in Suny University, Brooklyn, NY, Alando has extensive experience and education background in environmental and occupational health, toxicology, metal toxicity, and biochemistry.

Christina Fenech

A graduate from the University of Memphis, Christina received her education as a clinical laboratory specialist. Her education and extensive field experience will provide excellent guidance in lab operations. As a health science major, she also shares advocacy in plant medicine in alignment with the company’s brand.

Britanny Fields

With laboratory quality management at the center of Brittany’s experience, her knowledge and skills will be a great resource in maintaining integrity in the start up and operations of Desert Cannalytix. In addition as an individual, Brittany spends a great deal of her time focusing on health and wellness in which she frequently expresses support in the use of the healing potential of plant derived substances.

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