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Desert Cannalytix, Inc. is a testing laboratory dedicated to servicing the exploding CBD/Hemp Industry. We envision a fully transparent and safe environment for cannabis business and customers in the United States.



To prioritize consumer safety by developing technologies and processes that would ensure accuracy, transparency and overall quality of our results.


To work with both regulatory bodies and customers to create honest relationships that will contribute to the success of the CBD/ Hemp industry.


We operate with dedication, reliability, honesty and collaboration to meet our client’s unique needs.

Our  Story

Just a few years ago, Malorie La Fuente saw the potential of Nevada’s emergent cannabis industry.

But she also recognized it needed a major shake-up.

Nevada’s early start program and the 55 million visitors who travel to Las Vegas each year have driven cannabis sales through the roof, generating $700 million in the 2020 fiscal year alone.

But while retail dispensaries have responded to the demand with rapid growth, the number of testing facilities has decreased due to suspensions and closures.

Bad practices, such as lab-shopping, results-manipulation, and other types of fraud, have messed up the state’s lab testing segment and are now threatening the progress of the industry itself.

“Protecting the industry means regulating and maintaining transparent and safe goods for consumers. If we don’t protect the industry, we could potentially risk moving backward from the progression we have already worked so hard to create,” Malorie lamented.

Having an extensive background in pharmacological analytics and laboratory science, Malorie knew she had to do something.

“With my background, I knew what I had to do…. Open a testing facility.”

Malorie is bringing her 10-year professional experience in managing hospital pathology and reference laboratories with this endeavor.

Add to that her comprehensive familiarity with the strict standards and applications to operate an efficient and quality scientific testing laboratory.

“When medicinal cannabis became legal in the state of Nevada, it was exciting to me initially from a sociological perspective. For my entire life, cannabis has always been a schedule I narcotic and to see that we were moving past a prohibition state, so to speak, this transition caught my attention.”

She explained that this is why maintaining the integrity and keeping products microbial-free are essential in protecting the industry. Third-party testing labs would provide this reassurance.

“A product containing any sort of heavy metal or pesticide has the potential to cause severe neurological disorders with both short and long-term consumption and exposure. These are only a few repercussions to selling unsafe products to consumers.”

Malorie shared that she once overheard a cannabis business owner complaining about having to pay money to test his products. She said that it pushed her to the edge of wanting to get into the industry.

“This infuriated me for obvious public health reasons. I decided to explore getting into the testing business.”

Malorie would soon find Desert Cannalytix’s huge missing puzzle piece in finance professional Bonito Sahagun.

“Upon meeting him, I had no clue, he would be accompanying me for the long haul as he originally was simply offering friendly advice. He has helped overcome huge hurdles that would have been near impossible without him.”

The duo has come a long way since then.

  • Desert Cannalytix has started developing an innovative results-tracking platform that utilizes barcode technology to track processes. This app is designed to be transparent to enable better and more reliable monitoring. More features are planned to be added during development.
  • The team has secured partnerships with technology and tools providers for the equipment necessary to run an effective CBD/hemp laboratory. Two of the most trusted analytical equipment providers, Perkin Elmer and PathogenDX have signed on board as vendors.
  • The team is currently working on a lab prototype and is planning to work with company Merj Architecture, which specializes in the cannabis industry.
  • The company is also beefing up the team with the potential hiring of lab consultants to assist in the initial setup and ensure laboratory accreditation.

Malorie, Bonito, and the Desert Cannalytix team are now looking to shape the CBD/Hemp market in Nevada with the upcoming launch of a state-of-the-art testing lab in Las Vegas.

Meet the Team


Malorie is the founder and CEO of Desert Cannalytix, a testing lab for CBD/ Hemp products. She graduated in 2009 from St. John’s University in Queens, New York from the College of Pharmacy and Allied Health professions, specializing in Clinical Laboratory Science. Her 10-year professional background has been primarily in managing and operating hospital pathology and reference laboratories. She is licensed by the State of Nevada Department of Health and Human Services as a Supervisor of a Clinical Lab for departments that include molecular diagnostics, clinical chemistry, and microbiology. She has also served as a laboratory inspector for the American Society of Clinical Pathology. A known expert in the CBD community, Malorie will be a speaker at the White Label Hemp/CBD expo in Las Vegas to share her expertise in hemp/CBD/cannabis testing.

Malorie now leads over 60 lab technicians at one of Nevada’s largest testing labs at the largest testing operation in any Nevadan hospital and within the Las Vegas Community. Her team processes approximately an average 20,000 samples per day.

Desert Cannalytix will achieve profitability even if it just processes 1/100th of that volume.

Since 2012, Bonito has been the Director of Portfolio Management at Creative Collaboration, a Las Vegas-based startup incubator.

His direction has supported Las Vegas into evolving as one of Nevada’s leading entrepreneurship hubs.

His prior experience from 2008-2012 as a Financial Professional where he earned his FINRA licenses (Series 7 & 66) combined with his 16 years in finance overall (accounting, taxation, and banking), has given him the wisdom necessary to be the perfect combination of the financial leader Desert Cannalytix needs to innovate & succeed.


Brad graduated from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas with a degree in Business Administration specializing in Management Information Systems.

His career as a Network Engineer and Administrator spans 15 years within Las Vegas’s most successful corporations in the hospitality industry. His IT knowledge will be critical in the scrutiny of business start-up practices and operations.

A doctorate candidate in Suny University, Brooklyn, NY, Alando has extensive experience and education background in environmental and occupational health, toxicology, metal toxicity, and biochemistry.

A graduate from the University of Memphis, Christina received her education as a clinical laboratory specialist. Her education and extensive field experience will provide excellent guidance in lab operations. As a health science major, she also shares advocacy in plant medicine in alignment with the company’s brand.

With laboratory quality management at the center of Brittany’s experience, her knowledge and skills will be a great resource in maintaining integrity in the start up and operations of Desert Cannalytix. In addition as an individual, Brittany spends a great deal of her time focusing on health and wellness in which she frequently expresses support in the use of the healing potential of plant derived substances.

Karen is one of Malorie’s most prized mentors. For over 20 years, she has been an inspector for laboratories spanning across the United States for the College of American Pathology. As lab manager, she has served as the safety and chemical hygiene officer and in addition, has sat on various hospital administrative committees.


Marianthi is a medical laboratory technologist with 9 years of experience in a clinical chemistry laboratory, in which she pioneered the curation of metagenomics data in a biostatistics lab. She has been an active member of American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) since 2010.

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