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Desert Cannalytix, Inc. is a testing lab dedicated to serving the exploding CBD/ Hemp Industry. We will meet your unique needs while also integrating what means the most to us.

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Now open to all investors.
We are raising capital for the development of our proprietary tracking app, our AI-powered tools, and specialized manpower for our state-of-the-art laboratory.

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How a Startup is Seeking to Fix Nevada’s Cannabis Lab Testing Problems

Despite last year’s pandemic challenges, Nevada’s cannabis industry has remained resilient and is now poised to make a resurgence this year due to strong demand.


This startup founder wants to shake up Nevada’s cannabis testing

Clinical lab expert and entrepreneur Malorie La Fuente envisions a fully transparent and safe environment for cannabis businesses and customers in the United States.

An Interview with Desert Cannalytix CEO, Malorie La Fuente

Testing lab startup Desert Cannalytix is aiming to be the standard in accurate and reliable cannabis lab testing in the U.S.

Desert Cannalytix: How a Childhood Dream Turned Into Founder’s Passion Project

To say that Desert Cannalytix is a passion project for Malorie La Fuente would be an understatement.

Why Desert Cannalytix

Desert Cannalytix prides itself on our industry-leading standards, values and capabilities.

Providing stellar customer service
Exceeding industry standards
Highly reproducible quality, results in a
regulated environment

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Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites that are produced by naturally occurring molds and fungus – living organisms which decompose organic matter. In the context of medical marijuana and its safety to patients and providers, cannabis mycotoxin testing is of vital importance. Mycotoxins can be extremely toxic to humans, particularly in circumstances involving long-term exposure.

AFLATOXIN (B1, B2, G1, G2)

Terpene Analysis

Over 100 different types of terpenes have been identified in the cannabis plant, with flavor profiles ranging from “cheesy” to “piney.” Not only are terpenes important to flavors, but they are also important as we learn more and more about the medicinal and potentially psychoactive properties of terpenes.

Linalool | Myrcene | Limonene | Caryophyllene | Alpha-Beta Pinene | Humilene | Terpinolene | Bisbolol | Phytol | Camphene

Water Activity

A cannabis moisture content test measures the water concentration in a marijuana sample. The moisture level of cannabis refers to the percentage of the sample’s total weight that is made up of water. The water concentration, or “moisture content”, of cannabis is a crucial indicator of the potential activity of microbiological contaminants such as fungi, bacteria, and insects.


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Schedule Sample Pickup

For local testing orders, all pickups within a 20-mile radius of the facility are complimentary. Scheduled pick-ups outside of our 20-mile radius will be charged $1.40 per additional mile. National testing services are being explored for CBD/Hemp products.



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Desert Cannalytix:
CBD/Hemp testing done right

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Meet the Founders


Malorie La Fuente
CEO and Co-Founder

Graduate of Clinical Laboratory Science from St. John’s University in New York.

Clinical lab expert with a decade of experience in managing and operating hospital pathology and reference laboratories.


Bonito Sahagun
CFO and Co-Founder

Earned his FINRA licenses (Series 7 & 66) during his experience as a Financial Professional from 2008-2012.

Has 16 yearsof total experience in finance (accounting, taxation, and banking).

Meet the Team